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0.5m3 Concrete Kibble Bucket Fully Loader 1380kg CUK05UN


0.5m3 Concrete Kibble Bucket Fully Loader 1380kg CUK05UN

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Recognizing the imperative of swiftly, cleanly, and accurately transporting ready-to-pour concrete while preserving its quality post-mixing, Himac offers a robustly constructed Skid Steer Concrete Kibble Bucket designed for effortless on-site concrete handling.

With your skid steer, navigate through tight and challenging spaces, streamlining the transportation of concrete. The Skid Steer Concrete Kibble Bucket eliminates the need for extensive manual labor, simplifying what is typically a strenuous task. Whether delivering concrete into post holes, columns, or walls, the kibble's design ensures direct placement with no spillage.

  • 0.5 m3  capacity
  • 1060 kg weight at maximum load
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Angled spout for direct pour control
  • Universal Skid Steer mount as standard
  • 0.5 m3 Load Capacity
  • 1180 mm Overall Width
  • 300 mm Chute Width
  • 1380 kg Loaded Weight
  • All Aus-Made
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