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1830mm (72") Angle & Tilt Rotary Power Rake RR72ATUN


1830mm (72") Angle & Tilt Rotary Power Rake RR72ATUN

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Experience the ultimate in ground preparation with the new Himac Rotary Power Grader for Skid Steers/Track Loaders, capable of crushing, pounding, leveling, and raking all in a single pass. This powerful bi-directional grader attachment combines road-grade carbide teeth strength with versatile angle and tilt capabilities.

Featuring a dual motor design, the Skid Steer Rotary Power Grader delivers 40% more torque without the need for external bearings and chains. Available in various widths and angle/tilt types (manual, combined manual/hydraulic, all hydraulic, and hydraulic "on the fly").

Achieve effortless and efficient swaling and ditching with the 25-degree angle and 28-degree tilt of this skid steer grader. Ideal for landscaping and civil projects, the Himac Rotary Power Grader is a true powerhouse that replaces multiple ground preparation tools, significantly enhancing productivity.

Whether you're creating a new seedbed, laying fresh turf, or clearing ground swiftly, this hard-hitting attachment can de-thatch, remove debris, and pulverize material—all in one go.

Note: For the Hydraulic Angle and Hydraulic Angle / Tilt models, while the drum is rotating in a forwards motion you can only hydraulically set degrees of angle or tilt in one direction. If you wish to return to the default position or set at lower degrees, you must come to a stop and reverse hydraulic flow to allow this change. Consider the Hydraulic "On The Fly" model for complete angle and tilt control without stopping.

  • Perform multiple actions in one go: level, grade, crush, rake and more
  • Bi-directional rotor (hydraulic) for using forwards and backwards
  • Hydraulic / Manual Angling ± 25°
  • Hydraulic / Manual Tilting ± 28°
  • Dual-motor design provides 40% greater torque
  • Road-grade mini carbide teeth on rotor
  • Built-in ditch cutters and side shields
  • Oscillating gauge wheels
  • Includes skid steer universal mount - others POA
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