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3500Nm Auger Driver with S4 65mm Round Shaft C/w Skid Steer Mount AD3500UN


3500Nm Auger Driver with S4 65mm Round Shaft C/w Skid Steer Mount AD3500UN

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Featuring an array of engineering marvels, the Skid Steer Auger Drive stands out as an indispensable asset for your industrial or commercial operations. Its robust planetary gearbox design is built to withstand the most challenging conditions.

A notable highlight is the non-dislodgement shaft, securely locked into the drill housing, providing a lifetime guarantee against accidental disengagement. This ensures the safety of everyone on the site. Additionally, the Shock Lock Teeth system by Himac minimizes the risk of losing auger teeth, particularly during reverse operations.

The attachment's high-quality hoses and couplings facilitate hassle-free hooking and unhooking. Himac also offers a range of hubs and durable Rock and Tungsten Augers, designed to match the specific characteristics of the ground that the skid steer auger drive needs to cut through.

  • Australia’s leading planetary auger drives
  • Unique feature - Non-dislodgement shaft guarantees the shaft will never fall out
  • 'Shock Lock' teeth system
  • Backed by three incredible warranties
  • Fits onto side shift or fixed frame
  • Rock & Tungsten Augers available - widths ranging from 4" up to 48"
  • 65 mm round shaft or 75 mm square shaft 
  • 5477 Nm Max Torque
  • 27-120 LPM Flow Range
  • 27-120 HP Machine Range
  • S4 & S5 Auger Types
  • 2.2 m Hoses & Couplings
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