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Hydraulic Grab OzBucket OZ3.5HYDGRAB


Hydraulic Grab OzBucket OZ3.5HYDGRAB

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Fits on:  

$5,216.20 inc GST

Suits E36ZS 40mm Pins

Are you on the lookout for a reliable Rock Grab compatible with your excavator or backhoe?

Discover OZ Excavator Buckets, your premier supplier offering a diverse selection of static and hydraulic Rock Grabs, also known as Log grabs, Static grabs, Hydraulic grabs, Demolition grabs, Stiff Arm grabs, or Box Tyne Grapples. Perfect for managing large rocks, timber logs, and various scrap materials.

Highlighted Features of Our Rock Grabs:

  1. Enhanced Grip: Featuring a five-finger configuration, our Rock Grabs ensure easy and effective gripping of all material types, promoting efficient handling.
  2. Balanced Design: Geometrically balanced design enhances stability and control during operation, ensuring precision and safety.
  3. Optional Rugged Inside Edges: Additional rugged inside edges can be incorporated upon request, providing enhanced gripping ability in slippery conditions, guaranteeing secure handling.
  4. Robust Construction: Engineered with strong and durable construction, our Rock Grabs are built to endure rigorous working conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  5. Premium Materials and Hydraulic Cylinders: We utilize high-quality materials and hydraulic cylinders, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
  6. Swift Turnaround: Enjoy a guaranteed fast turnaround time, facilitating prompt delivery and minimizing downtime for your projects.

Count on OZ Excavator Buckets for superior quality and performance in Rock Grabs.

We want to make owning and operating your equipment simple and affordable. 
We have a range of finance options to suit any customer.  Contact your local Emmetts branch, or visit these sites for more information and a free quote.
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